Spring is coming: Meetings, plants, and clean-ups.

Photo by Dennis Browne, used with permission.

A couple of quick notes as we move into spring:

First, our annual meeting is coming up on March 29th. We’ll be updating you shortly with event details, and we plan to get a complete agenda out to the membership for their review about a week in advance of the meeting.

Second, we’ve added a wonderful native plant checklist from Malloree , the owner of Chickadee Forestry to the website. It lives in the sidebar now for easy reference.

Third, we wanted to thank everyone that picks up trash along Crawford Road, year round! It’s a lot of work and we appreciate it. We’re going to be scheduling our annual clean up event here at the beginning of April to help your daily efforts. We encourage everyone to come out, and spend a morning cleaning up the road — it makes a big difference!

Whidbey Airpark Access Project Winter 2020 update.

Crawford Road is in the news, and the new county road is being actively discussed by the County Commissioners! 

It’s a very early stage of this process, and nothing has yet been determined, including the specific route of the road.  Generally, the route will proceed from the north side of the intersection of Craw and 525 and wander northwards, eventually meeting Crawford Road just north of the curve.  Preliminary engineering has begun to determine costs.

Connie Bowers provided us a copy of the presentation recently given to the Commissioners, regarding the Airport Access Project.  She also helpfully provided the audio of the meeting for our review.

In addition, the Island County Record reported on the meeting and the road situation, as well as the results of the economic development study. 

Big things are afoot, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the near future!  

The Grading Begins…

For example purposes only, our grader may differ.

Good morning neighbors!

By now, you will have noticed that the winter grading of Crawford Road has begun. 

Although we think that the grading has already made improvements, we want to let you know that this is a multiple stage process.   This is just the first stage.  

After this first grading pass, there will be subsequent passes to continue to improve the road surface.  We ask that you bear with us over the next week or so as we continue our maintenance project to improve the road surface, build the crown, and improve the drainage of northern Crawford Road.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Winter is coming… And grading!

Danny expanding our drainage knowledge.

Recently, members of the MCRA Board and several property owners met with Danny – a consulting engineer with DCG – to discuss the challenges and possible solutions for drainage on the north end of Crawford Road.

We learned a lot, and we’re creating a plan incorporating what we’ve learned into the upcoming fall grading and maintenance of the gravel section of Crawford Road.

The grading will begin as soon as the rains return… We apologize for the delay caused by this glorious fall sunshine. 😉

Rehabilitating northern Crawford Road. (click for PDF)

Click on the above to review the plan for continuing the rehabilitation of northern Crawford road…

We’re looking forward to extending our gains in the late winter and spring, with the aim of of bringing the entire road to a higher standard, resulting in much smaller, regular maintenance grading and material replacement.

Bus Stop Rejuvenation!

So much more inviting!

Thanks so much to Mary, Craig, and all who assisted in rejuvenating our Forest Lane bus stop!

Mary’s added a fresh new coat of paint with an awesome new color scheme, we’ve pushed back the brush and brambles, and soon we’ll be adding signage, repairing the light, adding new gravel, and striping a brand new crosswalk!

Final Draft: Whidbey Airport Access Economic Study

After three quarters of a year, the final draft of the FCS report on the economic effects of the new county road is almost ready. This draft will have minor typos and revisions still to correct, but it’s largely the content that will be presented to CERB and the Commissioners.

The report is extremely positive about the economic effects of the proposed county road, and we’re looking forward to the next steps!

Check it out, and leave us your comments!

Whidbey Airport Access Economic Study & Funding Options.

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