Whidbey Airpark Access Project Winter 2020 update.

Crawford Road is in the news, and the new county road is being actively discussed by the County Commissioners! 

It’s a very early stage of this process, and nothing has yet been determined, including the specific route of the road.  Generally, the route will proceed from the north side of the intersection of Craw and 525 and wander northwards, eventually meeting Crawford Road just north of the curve.  Preliminary engineering has begun to determine costs.

Connie Bowers provided us a copy of the presentation recently given to the Commissioners, regarding the Airport Access Project.  She also helpfully provided the audio of the meeting for our review.

In addition, the Island County Record reported on the meeting and the road situation, as well as the results of the economic development study. 

Big things are afoot, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the near future!  

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