Our spring trash clean up and road design walkabout was a great success! A lot of ideas were exchanged, a lot of trash was picked up and disposed of, and a good time was had by all.

Crawford Road community starts early.

Since this work is ongoing – every little bit helps. If you happen to notice litter and can pick it up and dispose of it, that’s awesome! Thank you!!

We continue to research economical collection points as a more permanent solution, but just being out there on the road, and being seen to pick things up as a community matters!

Thanks again, everyone!

New Signage!

Truth in advertising.

In our continuing efforts to calm traffic along the gravel section of Crawford, we’ve included a helpful reminder to manage expectations of people that might be using our road as a shortcut…

Thanks for a great meeting!

Thank you all for attending the annual meeting. We got a lot done, and your input is immensely valuable. We appreciate it!

As requested, we’ve added a contact form to the website. If you have questions, feedback, or just want to reach out and talk, go ahead click on the “Contact Us” to the right.

The form will send us an email, and we’ll get right back to you!

Thanks again!

Whidbey Airpark Access Project Draft Design.

The preliminary engineering work is being completed on the new road for the Airpark Access Project, and they’ve given us a copy of the most recent iteration of their design.

Preliminary Design – Across from Craw – Full PDF

selected area of the design

It’s important to understand that this design is preliminary and conceptual: there will be revisions and changes as the process moves forward. However, now would also be a great time to comment and get your opinion heard!

We’ll be talking more about the WAAP and this design at our upcoming annual meeting on Feb 27th.

Stay tuned!