Whidbey Airpark Access Project Draft Design.

The preliminary engineering work is being completed on the new road for the Airpark Access Project, and they’ve given us a copy of the most recent iteration of their design.

Preliminary Design – Across from Craw – Full PDF

selected area of the design

It’s important to understand that this design is preliminary and conceptual: there will be revisions and changes as the process moves forward. However, now would also be a great time to comment and get your opinion heard!

We’ll be talking more about the WAAP and this design at our upcoming annual meeting on Feb 27th.

Stay tuned!

Crawford Road and SR 525 – Accident data visualization.

I’ve been fiddling around with data science recently, and I thought that I would share with you a quick visualization that I’ve been working on. 

One of the things the Whidbey Airpark Access Project is working to resolve are the safety concerns around the Crawford Rd and SR 525 intersection.

Although I provided all the data in my post on the bulletin boards, the following is a nice, at-a glance, visualization of all the accidents since 2005 that occurred within 500 feet of the intersection.

(EDIT – Updated DEC 30 2018 with new image.)