MCRA Bylaws

Thank you for your interest in the MCRA Bylaw review and suggestion process. On this page, we are posting two versions of the bylaws for your review.

The first version is was amended on 7/22/2001 and represents the last filed version of the bylaws. While the bylaws have, in all probability, been amended or changed by roll call vote in the interim, the records of these changes are unclear or ambiguous.

The second version represents a set of plain language bylaws that have been created from the older document with input from our lawyer, the current board and you – the membership. We’d like to approve a version that everyone can easily understand to move forward with us into the future.

We very much appreciate everyone’s input on this process! You can always give us your feedback via email, or our simple contact form.

Bylaws for Review.

  1. MCRA Bylaws – Amended Version as of 07/22/2001.
  2. MCRA Bylaws – Plain Language Version, 2020.
  3. Exhibit A – Easement Reference Guide.